How to turn photos into comic book art



Many photo editing software programs permits you to apply comic art effects on the images. In other words, you can create cartoonish characters from true figures, change the scenarios and backgrounds, and add dialogs and texts to make the presence more attractive.

But with many editing programs accessible making the best pick is a big challenge. So, we have mentioned here the best platforms to turn photos into comic book art online in easy steps.

Best free software or app to convert photos into comic book art

In the below section, we have briefly explained the best software that you can use to apply the comic book photo filter to different images.

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is one of the top programs to convert your image into a comic art book. It comes with lots of comic art filters, like mid-century to pop art, graphic novels, DC comics or marvel, and many more. So, creating the most amazing comic art would not be a hassle anymore.

How to turn photos into comic book art using Photoshop

Turning a photo into a cartoon

  • Open a photo you would love to use. It is best to use an image that is cropped, hence get rid of the background that you do not need.
  • The image should be of high standard and the right size. You can customize the image and pick the following settings by going to image in the Menu bar and pick image size.
  • Fit to: Original size
  • Height: 1000 Pixels
  • Width: Leave it default
  • Resolution: 150 pixels /inch
  • Make two copies of the image by pressing CTRL + J
  • Rename both the pictures for easy understanding
  • Go to filter in the menu and pick filter gallery. You will not view this option if you have an older version of the program. For older version, go to filter, Post Edges and Artistic.
  • Open the artistic folder and pick Post Edges. Next, pick these:
  • Edge intensity: 1
  • Edge Thickness: 2
  • Posterization: 2
  • You are done

Adding comic effects to the eye

  • If you want to make it more amazing, you can add extra filters. A best option is to include comic book sized reflections on the pupils to make the eyes stand out.
  • Open the Elliptical Marquee tool and pick it.
  • Go to the center on the pupil and press Shift + Option or Shif + alt to make a little circulator section. You can fill this area with a color of your choice.
  • Press Ctrl + delete to fill the color. Now, deselect the area and repeat the process with other eye.



The best turn photos into comic book art app is beFunky. It permits you to apply the cartoon effect and then change it with other comic effects like sand, sunburst, and many more. Further, you can customize the border color and thickness, flatten the edges, and even include speech text and bubbles.

Teams using BeFunky can crop and resize pictures, add artistic styles to images, such as cartoons, classic style paintings, sketches and more. Built-in bath editing functionality permit professional’s photographers to crop, resize, and improve multiple photos at the same time. The platform uses Al technology to detect the key subject in images and remove the background in a one click.

BeFunky College Wizard permits organizations to use images to build collages using different layouts. Pricing is accessible on monthly subscription and support is extended via tutorials, FAQs, and knowledge base.


Lumapic is a 100 percent free web-based image editing program that permits you to edit photographic without the need for registration, password, or program installation. Users can either enter the URL of the image they want to edit or upload it directly from Facebook, Chrome Extension, stock photos, or their computer.

After uploading the photo, the users can edit it using the edit area, which contains tools such as cropping, resizing, scaling images, magic wand, rotating and so on. To improve the phot, users can apply various effects such as comic art, cartoon, blur, flip, copy, focus; sharpen, adjustment, and so on.

Users can also modify the background, add a watermark, and apply many animations, such as Color cyclic animation, Zoom animation, rotating cube, sunburst, and many more. Users can use Lunapic to apply many filters and borders to their images. Once the photo editing is done, you can download and save the image in different formats, plus easily share it with others on their network.


Canva is top suited for professionally making comic strips. It has lots of templates that can be included to the blank page to begin making comic art. Further, you can add so many different effects and filters to the images and templates to form the full comic art.

Use canva to weave text, image, and emotion together to bring your chilliest ideas to life. While it might sound hard, it really does not need to be. Canva comic strip maker is so easy to use that you don’t even need to be an expert cartoonist, designer or artist to make something magical. Whether you are creating comic strip for a kid, or your parents, or because you think you could be the next famous graphic novelist, Canva can help you to make a work of art to be proud of.

With canva, you can sketch your own characters, creatures, and elements to showcase your special point of view. When you are done you can just upload your sketches as pictures to use in your comic strips.

Sketch your characters with a range of expressions and moods to improve their personalities, or sketch something quirky that does not yet exist to put a remarkable spin on your story.


End words

Comic art permits you to portray a thought, scene, or even an easy conversion in a comical way so that every person can perceive the message immediately. The images generally have a different effect that you would not find anywhere, like sandy texture, sun rays, thick edges and borders, speech bubbles, and many more.


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