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Welcome to AI Cartoonizer! Quickly turn your photos into cartoons in seconds with the help of our free AI Cartoonizer tool. With this tool, you can enjoy a hands-off experience editing your image and giving it a fun twist. Freely turn your favourite photos into fun and artful cartoon masterpieces without hassle.

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Discover Our Fun Cartoon Styles

Turn your casual photos into cartoonized magic: Create Characters, Customize Styles, and Experience Them by Yourself!

Luna: Magic and Whimsy

Start your cartoon journey with Luna! She represents a magic and whimsy style that gives your cartoonized image an enchanting feel. You can use this style if you strive for a dreamy and playful touch to your pictures.

Stella: Vibrant and Colorful

If you like to make your images pop with energy, you can choose the vibrant and colourful characteristics of the Stella style. Stella’s style represents bold colours and lively designs, turning your casual photo into a stunning cartoon picture. For colourful and vibrant cartoon images, Stella is your go-to option!.

Willow: Classic and Timeless

Willow is for accommodating true fans of classic cartoons. This style brings back the charming charm of classic cartoons that you enjoyed in the 1980s and 90s. Willow is about getting to the basics. If you are after an evergreen style, this one is a go-to option.

Profile Cartoon Maker

Have you ever seen an excellent cartoon profile picture of someone on the net? Do you want to have one for your social media profile as well? You can make it with our Profile Cartoon Maker. Make your profile picture cooler by posting a cartoon picture on your site.

All we need is your casual profile photo, and you’re good to go. Upload your photo, click the magic buttons, and voila! You’ll get an excellent cartoon version of yourself in seconds. Please post it on your social media to engage with your audience.

Although that is the cartoon version of yourself, people will quickly notice the person is you. Your profile will stand out of the crowd with its cartoon twist.

Comic Photo Filter

Have you ever wondered about being a comic superhero? Or someone you care about has an inner comic fantasy. Use our comic photo filter for free to bring your comic characters’ imagination to life. Our edgy tool can make your dream come true in just seconds. All you need to do is upload your photo and let the magic happen. Before you know it, you have been the character of your dream!

A comic photo filter makes your art stand out. Do you know what people love about the fun and fancy of comic art? Whether you want to post it on your social media, paste it onto a medium for personalized gifts, or just for your fun project, this filter is ready to work it out.

Enhance your ordinary images to cool comic art and make others envy you!

Face Cartoon Maker

Enhance your photo with a fun twist through Face Cartoon Maker. This tool can create a cartoon version of your face that is great for your social media, business site, or other mediums. You can see your ordinary photo in a cool cartoon with a few clicks. Imagine how fantastic it is to move from a 3D to a 2D world.

Get creative with our tool and enhance your face with a cartoon makeover. It is a beautiful way to add spice to your online presence.

Cartoonize Your Family

If you have family, why not share the fun with them? Our AI Cartoonizer allows you to create the cartoonized version of your family photos. These are perfect for family mementoes, wall art, and other purposes. You can also cartoon your best friend groups of yours.

Have pictures with your close friends? Turn your group photos into cartoons and cherish your moments forever.

Cartoonize Yourself

Whether you have a selfie, casual photo, or other type of photo of yourself, you can transform it into a cartoon version of yourself.

How will you what like in cartoon verse ion? Our intelligent AI Cartoonizer can do that for you. Upload your photo to our site, and hit the magic button. In seconds, you will enjoy the fun of cartoonizing yourself. Unleash your inner cartoon imagination with our edgy AI tool!

Cartoonize yourself today and see yourself in a new, whimsical light!

Cartoonize Your Pet

You know that your pet is already funny. But how about making a twist and turning your pet photo into a cartoon? That would be fun and exciting!

You can turn your buddy’s photo into an adorable cartoon character, whether it is your dog, cat, bear, turtle, fish, or any pet. The result can be excellent, funny, laughable, memorable, or anything. Well, it will be a surprise! You will know once you try it yourself. Cartoonize your pet with our cutting-edge AI Cartoonizer.

You could also cartoonize your friend’s pet and make it a gift for them. Print the cartoonized pet onto a T-shirt, mug, poster, or other medium for gifts or yourself. Celebrate the pet’s personality in such a fun way!

Customer Reviews


Our edgy AI Cartoonizer has such a big fans base. A lot of users have been fond of using our tool for their projects. Don’t take it from us, but hear from them!

Eli McMahon

Online Educator is an amazing tool. In my line of job, often times I educate children and teenagers. Therefore, I need to prepare all the fun digital assets to make catchy presentation for my audience. This tool has saved me a lot of time and hassle. In no time, I can turn the casual photos into cartoon versions with ease. This tool is pretty much a savior. Why not? A specific task that usually takes around an hour to finish, only takes few minutes with the help of this tool. It is super easy, straightforward, and navigable. But more importantly, it is quick! The results are also awesome. I can’t believe it that the developer team shares this for free. Where do you get the money from? Anyway, Thanks a lot!


Alan Luo

Digital Marketer

I have a strong principle when working. I have to deliver the best result as fast as possible. And is absolutely the tool that I include in my working kit. It is a must web-based software since it had helped me edit many photos in really short time. The process is quick. And the quality is like a pro. So, why going through the hassle with complicated software if we have the simpler one?


Dina Daytona

Social Media Manager

Before adding this into my working place, I tried it myself. At first, I used to cartoonize myself for a fun and cool profile picture. And the results were mind blowing. I can see the elements that had been added to the cartoon version of myself. The tool works amazingly to the extend including all the details. The shape of my face was accurately traced. Hats up for all the developers of the team. With such great results, now I have more confidence in using the AI Cartoonizer tool for my social media managing tasks. It is simple and straightforward. I’d like to recommend this tool for those who are working in the creative field.


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